Tory deputy chairman ‘compares sex offences to smoking a joint’

Apparently in reference to the police investigation in the wake of the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal, Tory deputy chairman Michael Fabricant tweeted:

“Imagine if the police started arresting everyone whoever [sic] smoked a joint at uni back in the 60s and 70s. (Time to move to Argentina!)”

The missive followed on from a message regarding the arrests of Max Clifford and Stuart Hall on suspicion of sexual offences. While he attempted to delete the offending tweet, the PoliticsHome team have grabbed a copy from their PhiWire.

Doubtless Fabricant will follow Ken Clarke’s lead and “clarify” his remarks.


  1. Tris says:

    Ah Twitter… what was it the posh boy said about it… too many twits make a twat.

    And Michael Fabricated is living proof that Botox Boy was, on this one occasion, quite right.

  2. Celia says:

    Pot smoking clearly has serious consequences, if Mickey Fab is anything to go by (he is totally admitting to smoking pot at university, right?)

  3. deckerdude304 says:

    Truely, the torys are really not of this world, are they?

  4. Louise Ellis says:

    If Michael Fabricant wants to push off to Argentina, that’s just peachy with me.

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