Inept SNP spinners fooled by fake police Twitter account

Blundering press officers from the SNP have sent out a press release praising SNP policy — based on tweets from a spoof Twitter account. Spinners failed to spot the painfully obvious disclosure ‘SPOOF ACCOUNT’ branded across the Twitter bio of @SirIanBlair in capitals letters.

In their haste to advertise apparent praise from London’s former policing supremo, they rushed out a press notice which began:

“The SNP’s approach to policing … has been praised by former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police during an exchange on twitter [sic]”

Blustering on, they lift quotes directly from what they believed to be Sir Ian’s tweets:

But the supposed praise was actually lifted from the hoax account:


After realising the schoolboy error, the release was swiftly pulled from the SNP website. But not content with embarrassing themselves enough, they included a quote from the SNP MSP Sandra White on the tweets.

Doubtless Sandra’s colleagues on the Justice Committee will be looking forward mirthfully to their next meeting.


  1. Richard Paine says:

    How stupid.

  2. Barney Thomson says:

    Isn’t it an offence to impersonate a police officer? (As the tweeter is doing by advertising it as a spoof account)

  3. Ben says:

    He’s not a Police Officer though is he Barney?

  4. Barney Thomson says:

    Ben –

    Once a copper, always a copper.

    It’s to do with the things you sign up to.

  5. william wallace says:

    sounds like a branch job fuck em

  6. william wallace says:

    the state are desperate and full of scummy corrupt basterds

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