Hypocrite Moyles whinges about not being paid… then avoids tax

In an act of vast hypocrisy (and perhaps backwards karma), radio DJ Chris Moyles, who previously spent half an hour ranting live on Radio 1 about not being paid, has now been found at the centre of a tax avoidance dispute with HMRC.

During the 30 minute tirade, broadcast in 2010, Moyles claimed:

“It’s some idiot who didn’t put a bit of paper work through”

Despite the fact that Moyles pocketed an eye-watering £500,000 per year for his time on Radio 1, that clearly wasn’t enough for him, and so he joined a legal avoidance group.

To top off the ever-growing mound of hypocrisy, Moyles’ lawyers have claimed his identity shouldn’t be revealed as doing so would ‘infringe his human rights’.


  1. deckerdude304 says:

    Correct indeed Jose, talentless indeed.
    £500 thou a year, to sit behind a microphone and announce the next talentless boy/girl band’s new song.
    Easy money if you can get it eh, most people have to WORK moyles!

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