Axed for good? Gary Barlow’s Tory music contest goes nowhere

A national music competition for school children, announced by David Cameron and Gary Barlow in the run-up to the last general election appears to have been swept under the rug. The “School Stars” contest — announced in the battleground constituency of Crewe and Nantwich — was supposed to be “rolled out to schools across the country” but seems to have sunk without trace.

Despite a press release claiming the scheme was backed by “major players in the music industry”, the project seems to have gone the way of Barlow’s acting career. Grand promises of the winner recording with Tory-supporting Barlow were made, as David Cameron milked the photo opportunity with smiling children:

“The competition will use the inspirational power of music to reach as many pupils as possible with a format which will unearth talent, ability and excellence around the country.”

The cynicism was compounded by launching the doomed project in Nantwich, a seat the Tories had won in a by-election and were trying to hold on to.


Sadly, the Prime Minister’s grand scheme to convert the state school system into an episode of High School Musical never progressed beyond a gimmick.

Or maybe we just need to have “a little patience”?


  1. “Sing” seemed to involve a lot of people.

  2. Mathew says:

    Hardly the same thing Staines, now shuffle off back to wherever you came from.

  3. …….Have a nice Holiday!

  4. Cnut says:

    Clearly Staines loves Gary very dearly… he’s got nothing better to do than troll here in his support, has Dear Leader forgotten to order(-order) that all loyal apparatchiks to abandon Barlow under threat of Reeducation…?

  5. Jon W says:

    Paul Staines is a fat cunt, and that’s just his head.

  6. Steven Andrew says:

    I wonder if Barlow realised it was just a gimmick?

  7. Jimmy says:

    Whatever he said
    Whatever he did
    He didn’t mean it.

  8. Fweedo Gawks says:

    One person can seem a multitude when you’re drunk off your fat fucking face, eh Paul?

  9. jim says:

    and anyone is suprised why I knew before the election he was a liar the tories were liars the lot gary was only being used to help him into power that is all

  10. Tris says:

    Ever felt used Gary?

  11. Jack says:

    Doubt Gary’s all that bothered, this photo-op got him the Jubilee Concert gig.

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