Cameron invokes his “twat” remark over Aidan Burley Olympics tweets

David Cameron has slammed Aidan Burley as “idiotic” over his disgusting comments on the Olympic opening ceremony. And as though the message to his leading backbench embarrassment wasn’t clear, the prime minister then invoked his notorious quip that “too many tweets make a twat”:

“I think what he said was completely wrong. It was an idiotic thing to say … I did once say something about people who use Twitter, particularly politicians, and I think in this case I was absolutely spot on.”

And in further bad news for Burley, LabourList today revealed that the opposition plan to select their candidate early in order to capitalise on his Nazi-partying, boorish behaviour.

Supposedly a safe Labour seat, the Tories seized Cannock Chase on one of the biggest swings of the 2010 general election — leading many to question the scrutiny process for Burley’s selection.

Scrapbook plans to register with the Electoral Commission as a “third party” campaigning organisation. Burley can count on seeing our handiwork in spring 2015. 


  1. mikems says:

    Cameron will still accept Burley’s thoughts on trade union ‘reform’ i.e. Burley’s plans to further weaken unions and workers’ rights.

    Cameron doesn’t disagree with Burley’s politics, just his behaviour in public. If he kept quieter, he would be a ‘future PM’, no doubt.

  2. Over There says:

    Nice photoshop. Might want to put a disclaimer on it in case some thick prog finds it out of context and takes it seriously.

  3. mikems says:

    What’s a ‘thick prog’? Some new form of hate speech?

  4. Gus Friar says:

    “Supposedly a safe Labour seat, the Tories seized Cannock Chase on one of the biggest swings of the 2010 general election — leading many to question the scrutiny process for Burley’s selection.”


  5. Matt Zarb-Cousin says:


    They thought Labour would win, so they weren’t to arsed about who the candidate was.

  6. Susan Atkins says:

    Was wondering if Cameron understands /knows the meaning of the word he uses ; it’s totally inappropriate for a number of reasons – not the least because Burley has neither the warmth, depth or is able to generate feelings of pleasure of the epithet .Maybe a better quip could have been ” the fine line between a twitter and a twit”

  7. ian Boam says:

    Susan Atkins. Superb comment

  8. James says:

    What did that Nazi Labour candidate in Milton Keynes say? You know, the one you refuse to comment on (and delete comments about)?

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