Louise Mensch sets up company with Luke “statement to follow” Bozier

Tory MP Louise Mensch has given a hostage to fortune, going into business with controversial web designer Luke Bozier. The millionaire chick-lit author (née Bagshawe) turned MP has taken a 50% stake in MenschBozier Ltd alongside Bozier, whose “statement to follow” upon his defection from Labour to Tories was much-ridiculed in January.

Having burned his bridges with the community of Labour candidates he designed blogs for, it certainly didn’t take long for the self-described “digital politics and government innovator” to capitalise on his move to the Conservative Party.

Mensch told the Sunday Telegraph diary:

“I met Luke via Twitter and we’re both a bit social-media mad … As we’re like-minded on the subject, we decided to register a company together as partners and see what we could come up with.”

With Mensch confessing she was closer to Tony Blair than John Major, perhaps it could be Bozier’s purported connections to the former Labour leader which underpinned Mensch’s faith in him. But Bozier never worked for Blair, with one source telling Scrapbook back in January:

“He was in Number 10 for about five minutes … If Tony had the first clue who he was it would be absolutely hilarious.”

This won’t end well.

UPDATE (10:06) »The pair are so adept at the internets that they neglected to register their company brand on Twitter. The @MenschBozier account has now been snapped up by trolls -- who have gruesomely visualised this new corporate personification:

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  1. Claude Greengrass says:

    Love this.

    Have you seen that @Menschbozier on twitter has seemingly been registered by some trolls?

  2. JFG says:

    Was just about to link @MenschBozier myself, really takes something not to have thought to register your company name on twitter if you’re setting yourself us as a “social media guru!”

  3. JS says:

    What is it with these ‘moody’ black and white pictures these clowns must have to promote themselves? It makes them look utterly gormless and, in Bozier’s case, not unlike Cletus the slack-jawed yokel from The Simpsons.

    Perhaps Luke can tell Das unterMensch that to go on HIGNFY and have a pop at Occupy protestors for buying coffee from well known coffee outlets isn’t that smart.

  4. IanVisits says:

    Depends if @Menschbozier is the brandname they plan to use, or just the name of the holding company.

  5. Laurence says:

    @Ian: Luke has used a similar CamelCase name as a brand in the past.

    But doubtless he’ll now claim using MenschBozier was never the plan.

  6. Dr Upal says:

    Bozier is a lover of Silicon Valley where they have an adage “Fail fast”. Luke Bozier has extended it with his “Fail Fast, Fail Often” approach to business:

    http://mycllr.com/ – Luke Bozier launched this defunct business just over a year ago, and it is now a domain squatting page with ads for property, care homes and sex services.

    http://rednarrative.com – Luke Bozier launched this defunct business two years ago and now a dead site. It does look like a couple of hapless candidates and parties used its services – their error strewn pages can be found at http://www.labourinwestminster.org.uk/home/?cat=5 and similar.

    http://politicalpress.co.uk – Luke Bozier launched this apparently defunct business two years ago. A dead website and no other signs of life.

    Still, he seems to be learning. This time they haven’t even declared what it is they’ll be selling. A truly unique approach to business.

  7. Jon W says:

    Is it just me or does Luke Bozier look uncannily like Karl Pilkington in an ill fitting wig?

  8. Dr Upal says:

    I seem to have forgotten the other defunct business started by Luke Bozier; Cholerton-Shand. Surprisingly it was established to help politicians with digital communications. Unlike Bozier’s faster failures this one seems to have limped on for almost two years before dissolution.
    How old is the guy? With at least 4 failed businesses and two more on the horizon he could be in for some sort of record.
    Just weed myself when the http://menschbozier.tumblr.com/ cropped up on twitter too.

  9. Claude Greengrass says:

    Luke Chumley Warner

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  12. Dale says:

    I’m sure I saw these two get kicked out of the early rounds of the Apprentice last year though it may have been some trick of the light.

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