£500,000 Premier League donor was put in charge of Tory policy review

A so-called “Premier League” Conservative Party donor was put in charge of a major policy review. Adrian Beecroft, who has given more than half a million pounds to the Tories, developed proposals on employment law which were then imposed on Vince Cable against his wishes.

Such clear links between money and the policy making process sink one of the Tories main defence lines. In his resignation statement — undoubtedly drafter for him by Number 10 spinners — disgraced fundraiser Peter Cruddas wrote

“Clearly there is no question of donors being able to influence policy”

A former chief investment officer at Apax Partners, Beecroft has donated a whopping £573,076 with the last transfer in October 2011.

One wonders why the private equity mogul was selected for this role?


  1. Yinka Oyesanya says:

    One of the definitions of democracy is a form of government in which supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them. That definition alone should show that a government that surrounds itself by millionaires, billionaires or million to billionaire party donors is not practising this form of government correct-fully. Adrian Beecroft – a multi millionaire – presented David Cameron with a report to cut employment rights and make it easier to sack people. Adrian Beecroft and some members of David Cameron’s government; including David Cameron himself are out of touch with real people. How can any decent living human being present a democratically elected government with a hideous and ridiculous idea like that? Having said that, New Labour had as early as 2004 furtively introduced it. Politicians have gone to remember their obligation to the people who have elected them to office, and, that the law abiding people are the law; not politicians.

  2. Yinka Oyesanya says:

    “Politicians have gone to remember their obligation to the people who have elected them to office”

    Politicians have got to remember their obligation to the people who have elected them to office. Sorry for the typing error.

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