Lansley-favoured private provider sold kidneys on the black market

A healthcare corporation poised to cash-in on Andrew Lansley’s Health Bill operated an illegal organ donation syndicate, according to a new report. General Healthcare Group (GHG) is the British arm of health giant Netcare, who were found guility of operating a black market transplantation scheme which moved organs from impoverished Romanians and Brazilians to wealthy Israelis.

With a charge sheet almost as long as the list of Health Bill opponents, Netcare were fined £704,000 after trousering profits of more than £300,000 from the illegal scheme, in which documents were forged to make “donors” appear related to organ recipients. A suspected 109 illegal transplants took place between 2001 and 2003, with the court case finally concluding in 2010.

The scandal is highlighted in a report from the NHS Support Federation, which exposes the business backgrounds of the five-member Private Hospitals Alliance. The publication also reveals:

  • HCA International, an American company, have been prosecuted for defrauding federal health care programmes, in a case that turned out to be the largest incidence of fraud against U.S. Medicare.
  • Ramsey Health are partially owned by JP Morgan, HSBC, UBS and Citicorps. And in 2011, company CEO Jill Watts told the Public Accounts Committee that Ramsey Health would have no problem closing a failing business.
  • Spire has publicly claimed that it expects to boom as a consequence of the Government’s NHS spending cuts.

Naturally, GHG chair Sir Peter Gershon was recruited by the Tories prior to the 2010 election to be one of Cameron’s  “independent efficiency experts” who earmarked £12 billion in health cuts.

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  1. M Baggett says:

    People who need money will do most anything! I too am desperate, I wouold sell my Kidney tommorrow if I could. Times have really been bad the last few years. I lost everything including my family. I need money I need at least a $35000 DONATION for mine. I understand people why people do it

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