A report commissioned by David Cameron into a Nazi-themed stag do attended by a Conservative MP will be released by the end of the month, Political Scrapbook can confirm. But with French prosecutors likely to take months to conclude their own probe into the antics of Aidan Burley and his friends, it is not known whether we will get to see the full CCHQ findings or merely a summary press statement.

A Tory source told this blog:

“It’ll be this month, February, but we can’t say exactly when exactly.”

With Cameron having stated that he will determine Burley’s punishment “personally”, one wonders whether his disastrous trip to Auschwitz — in which he was exposed for using his mobile during a holocaust lecture — was part of atonement arranged with Number 10.

But it’s the verdict of French prosecutors which will be giving Burley and his mates sleepless nights.

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