Lib Dem’s anti-Islam rants: “put pork restaurant next to mosque”

A Liberal Democrat candidate has refused to apologise for a series of shocking Islamophobic comments. Sick Dave Stones suggested a pork restaurant and a topless bar — named after Islam’s holiest city – should be build next to a mosque.

The would-be councillor, who is the party’s candidate for a by-election in Redcar and Cleveland on 19 January, said:

“Regarding the mosque being built near ground zero. I say let them build it. But then, across the street we should put a topless bar called “You Mecca Me Hot” … and next to that a pork rib restaurant … Then we’ll see who’s tolerant.”

A number of posts on his Facebook page were seemingly calculated to deliberately offend Muslims — including spreading outright smears. Stones claimed that the Royal British Legion were “not selling poppies in certain areas of the UK”, implying that objections from Muslims were behind the decision:

When contacted by Scrapbook, however, a spokesperson for The Royal British Legion said his claims about the poppies were “categorically not true”.

This brazen intolerance brings to mind Cllr Warren Swaine, a Liberal Democrat  who was suspended from Reading Borough Council after Scrapbook exposed a race remark about Labour MP Chuka Umunna. That incident, and an attempted cover up, led to an internal party investigation at the behest of the party’s outraged black members.

Will the Lib Dem leadership be burying its head in the sand again this time?


  1. JFG says:

    Not terribly Liberal

  2. Jonny Morris says:

    I spent weeks last year squashing this lie. It originated from and was spread by the EDL, and referred to Birmingham City Council initially refusing a street collection permit to the RBL on the grounds that the area they wanted to be in had already had the maximum number of permits granted at the time requested. When the charities to whom those permits had been granted learnt of this, they withdrew, allowing the RBL to go ahead.
    Warren Swaine, the Reading racist Libdem, has now stood down as from next May in order to “focus on work”. At the last report, he was unemployed.

  3. torytowncrapola says:

    in the light of Dopey Clegg’s apparrent outrage & shocking disgust with Dianne Abbots comments, whats the Cameron fag got to say about this example of a disturbing racist trend in the LibDem Party at grassroot level ?

  4. Euan Davidson says:

    @Torytowncrapola if you think that two councillors out of over three thousand is a trend then you are deluded. Some unknown councillor is hardly the same level of concern as high profile opposition spokesmen peddling hate. I also find your language unnecessary and homophobic.

  5. Richard says:

    The councillor might be unknown nationwide, but I’m sure the locals won’t consider that grounds for forgiveness. Boot the racist out!

  6. Thomas Venner says:

    First Baroness Tonge and her “interesting” views on the Jews, then this…could this be a bit of a trend emerging in the Lib Dems?

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  9. Jay says:

    Dave Stones is an active member of the Newcomen Community Ward Forum

    Bring the community together -which bit of community is this then Dave?

    He brings discredit on us all if left unchallenged

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  11. pacific_waters says:

    Hope he wins.

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  13. ColinW says:

    This man is a disgrace to Liberalism, but he is just a councillor, there’s a world between him and the likes of Dianne Abbott – a shadow cabinet minister, & Phil “make the white folks angry” Woolas – who was a Home Office minister & was appointed as a front bench spokesman by Ed Miliband, despite being on trial for his Islamophobic leaflets.

    If you want to see Labour Party approved Islamophobia, do take a look at this:

    And nobody in the Oldham CLP has been kicked out of the party or even investigated, despite the evidence which emerged during the Court case whic h kicked Woolas out.

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  20. Eric Hunter says:

    I’ve worked with Dave Stoned and I can’t believe that he is a racist. He is a very trustworthy and considerate person. I agree with some people if this was said then it was said in jest and nothing meant by it.

  21. Laurence says:

    @Eric: You must have been “Stoned [sic]”

    “Regarding the mosque being built near ground zero. I say let them build it. But then, across the street we should put a topless bar called “You Mecca Me Hot” … and next to that a pork rib restaurant … Then we’ll see who’s tolerant.”

    Hilarious, eh?

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