In the words of Michael White, Rupert Murdoch had “closed the wrong red top”. To the sound of chinking champagne glasses in Wapping he has now corrected his mistake:

As you can imagine recent times have been tough. I now need to concentrate on correcting the distortions and rebutting the allegations about my record as a journalist, an editor and executive.

But not to worry, Rebekah. There are plenty of opportunities available in your local area:


  1. Well it is a bit late but just remember this Brooks …… the same people you misuse on the way up – you meet up on the way down!

  2. Just because we don’t like Rebekah Brooks is no reason to indulge in misogyny.

    I do not expect to read women being called witches on a left-wing blog, whatever their politics.

    what next? Calling them b*tches and c*nts.

    If I want nastiness I will go to guido fawkes website. Shame on you.

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