Former NOTW editor survived after Cameron intervened with Murdoch

While revelations around phone hacking have furrowed brows throughout the establishment, the latest revelations truly merit the appellation of “shocking”. An investigation by the Guardian has revealed that The News Of The World hacked into the voicemail of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler and deleted messages — leading friends and relatives to believe she was still alive.

And who was NOTW editor at the time of acts described as “heinous” and “despicable” by Dowler’s father — step forward News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks! Despite her proximity to the hacking scandal, the flame-haired hack managed to survive after Rupert Murdoch abandoned plans to pension her off due to a personal intervention by David Cameron on Brooks’ behalf.

“Rebekah pleaded with the Dirty Digger not to be cut adrift and begged her friend David Cameron to intercede on her behalf. Following this intervention Murdoch … relented.”

Brooks more face-saving exit strategy, which is also reported in the latest edition of Private Eye, would see her leaving the Murdoch stable to start a family — with a massive “golden goodbye”, naturally.

Rebekah, 43, has heard her body clock ticking and wishes to present husband Charlie with a bouncing baby Brooks before it is too late. The couple have therefore embarked upon an intensive programme of Ugandan discussions aimed at bringing a little hacker into the world in 2012, when Rebekah will be able to steop down gracefully with a nice seven-figure leaving present and concentrate on matters maternal.

While it was known that NOTW had hacked phones of friend and relatives in the Soham killings, interference with a phone owned by the murder victim themselves, deleting messages and leading police to fear that evidence may have destroyed represents a step down from the gutter and into the sewer. There will be many doubting whether the Queen Of The Red Tops can now be gifted such a dignified departure.

Rebekah Brooks is toast.


  1. ian says:

    Surely it is time the whole rotten edifice fell ?

    there is this ‘Boycott the News of the World Facebook Group’ if anyone feels strong enough

  2. Rachael says:

    surely someone needs to be done for Perverting the Course of Justice?

  3. [...] Former NOTW editor survived after David Cameron intervened with Murdoch | Political Scrapbook [...]

  4. Can any action be taken against the paper itself, other than some fine.

  5. What was your source for the point about the David Cameron intervention?

    I agree with most people, who think that Brooks needs to go. It’s shameful that she could receive such a large some of money, despite the controversy though.

  6. Laurence says:

    @David: Private Eye for both.

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  9. [...] I think there is more to this than we imagine. David Cameron is the only reason Brooks still works at News International. How far does the corruption [...]

  10. Rupert says:


    I would join; but I never bought the paper anyway.
    I suspect that may be the case for most people who actively look at this site.

    I do wonder when they are going to look at the other papers who indulge in these kind of activities.

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  13. Is it really right to pile all the blame on RB? I think this goes much higher and she’s just being used as a convenient scapegoat. Read more in my piece at

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