With official figures showing that economic growth has slowed to 0.2%. The sluggish performance, down from 0.5% in the first quarter, has been blamed on one off events including, erm, the lovely weather we had in April and the bank holiday for the Royal Wedding.

To mark this momentous occasion, Political Scrapbook has created this beautiful, limited edition plate. Made from the finest bone china, the unique piece celebrates the contributions of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and George Gideon Oliver Osborne to our sluggish economy.

Doubtless sales will come as a much needed boost to the retail sector.

  1. Wonder if its part of a set of collectables, along with increasing unemployment & growing economic inequality.

  2. Henry Tickner says:

    Sorry, I thought having a royal family was meant to boost the economy?

    1. It does, and the figures would have been even worse otherwise.
    2. It doesn’t, and Osborne has a republican agenda.
    3. Nobody knows, and the desperate twunt is talking bollocks as per.

  3. I thought that hot weather and the happy day were both meant to get us out and spending money like fools with no tomorrow (I’ve done my bit, I’ve bought loads of crap I don’t need and can’t afford – it must be someone elses fault).

    I cannot wait to see the crushing blow to the economy that’ll be dealt by the olympics next year.

  4. “I cannot wait to see the crushing blow to the economy that’ll be dealt by the olympics next year.”

    You’re being sarcastic right Brian?

    This country stands to see a huge boost in our economy over the event – tourism brings money, and nothing brings tourism quite like the olympics does.

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