The N799WW mystery: CIA-linked plane left Libya on eve of action

What exactly was a CIA-linked jet doing landing in Tripoli as the UN Security Council met to approve military action? Exchanges with air traffic control recorded by amateur radio hams show a plane with registration N799WW was cleared for landing at Mitiga International Airport 11km east of Tripoli on the evening of 17 March.

The Bombardier BD-700 plane is registered to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA, a subsidiary of US superbank Wells Fargo & Company. What has set tongues wagging is that the same subsidiary is the trustee for a Raytheon Hawker aircraft with a tail number N168BF which was allegedly used for extraordinary rendition flights by the CIA.

At 22:30 UTC this flight was airborne again from Mitiga and departed via Malta and Italy to an unknown destination, rumoured to be Luton.

It’s tin foil hat time!

Hat-tip: Old Holborn


  1. jim edenbrow
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    Maybe left there full of gold??

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    libya sirte si 8

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    porto si cela

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