Lechourous Daily Sport columnist and aspirant London Mayor Lembit Opik is back with a new campaign video, casting the former MP as the star of the BBC comedy series Citizen Smith.

As The Indy’s diary column observes wryly, Wikipedia’s description of the series has relevance to Opik beyond comedy:

Citizen Smith starred Robert Lindsay as “Wolfie” Smith, a young Communist “urban guerrilla” living in Tooting, South London, who is attempting to emulate his hero Che Guevara. Wolfie is the self-proclaimed leader of the revolutionary Tooting Popular Front (merely a small bunch of his friends), the goals of which are “Power to the People” and “Freedom for Tooting”. In reality, he is an unemployed dreamer and petty criminal whose plans fall through because of laziness and disorganisation.

Life imitates art, eh?

It should come as no surprise that London Liberal Democrats have delayed their selection process by “up to a year” in a bid to stop him.

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