Boobs not ballots: justice the News Of The World way

In yesterday’s News of the World they reported, apprently without irony, that authorities at Belmarsh prison have banned inmates from putting up pictures of topless women. The story is hidden behind their pay wall, but Scrapbook were kind enough to delve there so you don’t have to.

Having done a little digging Scrapbook discovered that the photo has been used before, although this time to support a headline attacking the fact that inmates had too many perks.

This comes only weeks after the News of the World and its sister paper The Sun were so vehemently opposed to  the repeal of a law which indiscriminately bans votes for all inmates in UK prisons.

It would seem that they view the right to soft porn as more fundamental than the right to vote.


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    Dag nabbit good stuff you whpierspnappers!

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