The Winners

Yvette Cooper (232)

John Healey (192)

Ed Balls (179)

Angela Eagle (165)

Andy Burnham (165)

Alan Johnson (163)

Douglas Alexander (160)

Jim Murphy (160)

Tessa Jowell (152)

Caroline Flint (139)

John Denham (129)

Hilary Benn (128)

Sadiq Khan (128)

Mary Creah (119)

Ann McKechin (117)

Maria Eagle (107)

Meg Hillier (106)

Ivan Lewis (104)

Liam Byrne (100)

The losers

Thornberry 99, Hain 97, MacTaggart 88, Keeley 87, Coaker 85, McFadden 84, Goodman 80, Lammy 80, Timms 79, Bryant 77, Woodward 72, Thomas 71, Jones 68, Brennan 64, Blackman-Woods 63, Abbott 59, Harris 54, Twigg 55, Bradshaw 53, Wright 43, Gardiner 41, Hanson 38, Lucas 34, David 30, Irranca-Davies 28, Leslie 26, Flello 15, Gapes 12, Michael 11, Joyce 10

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  13. There is a report in last weeks Observer that the Trade Union affiliate vote was only 5% of the members and yet accounted for 33.3% of the total vote. In today’s Guardian it is also reported that many of the leadership contenders did not use their second vote. At what point do the people who run the Labour Party understand the concept of the Quorum (at least 40% of those eligible to vote) and declare the union vote invalid and declare the result on those parts of the electoral college that met their quorum. The Guardian also suggested that the behaviour of some of the unions would have had their contributions declared invalid if proper scrutiny had been applied. Can I appeal through you to the party to rectify these amazing lapses of democracy and ensure they never happen again.

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