Ed Miliband’s leadership campaign has enlisted cricketing help in the fight against Tuesday’s emergency budget, encouraging “hundreds of people” to email 2005 Ashes hero Simon Jones:

Speaking exclusively to Scrapbook, Jones said:

“It was flattering to be contacted by Ed’s team regarding the budget. The 25% cuts for DCMS will see many sporting initiatives, such as free swimming for children, face the axe.”

The fast-medium bowler then added:

“But I was rather confused when they started going on about Bermondsey and the Liberal Democrats. I live in Cardiff and voted Plaid Cymru.”

Liberal Democrat deputy leader Simon Hughes was unavailable for comment.

Hat-tip: Tom Baker

UPDATE: Amusing online slips aside, Miliband Jnr is now on 14 CLP nominations to Miliband Snr’s 8. It’ll be interesting to see whether this lead holds.

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