Unbriefed Cameron flounders in gay rights interview

David Cameron was reduced to shaking his head and asking the producer to “start completely from scratch” after he was sent into an interview with Gay Times apparently without having the first clue what he was on about been briefed. This quote about sums things up:

“The answer about … sorry, sorry … ummm … no, you’re right … the, the two … sorry, the two … um … aaah”

The Conservative leader was completely floored when challenged to reconcile the party’s supposed support for equality with allowing free votes for MPs, Lords and MEPs on issues such as allowing civil partnerships to be performed on religious premises and “Lithuania’s Section 28″.

After things went off the rails Cameron brought a halt to proceedings and pleaded “either can we do a television interview or a press interview”. The Gay Times’ bemused Martin Popplewell then explained that he would be asking exactly the same questions. It starts off badly and then takes a nosedive at 0:45 in this clip:

These quotes from 2000, when David Cameron wasn’t burdened with the inconvenience of having to make the Conservative Party appear compassionate, are instructive:

“The Blair government continues to be obsessed with their fringe agenda, including deeply unpopular moves like repealing Section 28 and allowing the promotion of homosexuality in schools”

“Blair has moved heaven and earth to allow the promotion of homosexuality in schools”

Welcome to the “fringe agenda”, Dave.

Hat-tip: Next Left

UPDATE 10:16 Someone has been in touch to point out Boris has form on this too. After likening same sex relationships to “three men and a dog” he suddenly discovered he loves the gays during his 2008 mayoral fight:


  1. Posted March 24, 2010 at 11:32 am | Permalink

    That where he bows is head for a second and sighs is absolutely tragic.

  2. real man
    Posted March 26, 2011 at 9:58 am | Permalink

    homosexuals are sick people. “gay rights” nothing “gay” about your life style putting your penis in the anal back passage of another man for it to be covered in sh*t and millions of foul germs & bacteria ,..then lick it off
    no such thing as “gay” rights . Your homo – 100% homo,.. or roughly translated to much of a chicken and coward to be a real man or real woman

    Yuk !!!
    a penis was logically designed to put sperm into a woman’s vagina to propagate the species
    You produce nothing,..no babys NOTHING. you want to fuck away till your hearts content,..you want everyone to accept this as the norm. it is not.

    Blair sucks around any minority to grovel for votes – aka a true Snollygoster

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