Two new Scottish blogs

If their blog suddenly exploded (unlikely as it is powered presumably by biodiesel) Scotland’s green movement would lose a decent clutch of its rising stars. Adam Ramsay and Gary Dunion, who were behind the recent No Shock Doctrine for Haiti campaign, have joined up with other Scottish green (Party) troublemakers such as Peter McColl and Maggie Chapman to join the ranks of blogging Edinburgh University alumni. They’re tweeting from @brightgreenscot and their RSS feed is here:

Whether they’ve exhumed his body or are receiving posts through means of séances, it seems that Lanarkshire’s own Keir Hardie has made a return to the political fray at Its aggressive punchy style is exactly what Labour needs in the run up to May 6th. RSS feed is here or tweet Keir up @keirhardieblogs:

Check them out.

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  1. New post –> Two good new Scottish blogs worth a look @brightgreenscot @KeirHardieblogs

  2. RT @psbook: New post –> Two good new Scottish blogs worth a look @brightgreenscot @KeirHardieblogs

  3. Thanks to @psbook for plugging @brightgreenscot:

  4. Thanks to @psbook for plugging @brightgreenscot here:, and @caspertk for plugging us at #oxfordclimateforum

  5. i hope that we would be able to mass produce Biodiesel in the near future and i also hope that it would get cheaper.**

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