Media relations the BNP way

Moments after receiving a personal invitation into a BNP press conference from Deputy Chairman Simon Darby, a reporter for The Times was promptly set upon by party enforcers, one of whom “tried to remove [the reporter's nose] from [his] face”:

“I’ve just looked in the mirror at the Burger King where I am filing this story and spotted the blood drying on my face. I never thought I would actually get my nose bloodied trying to cover a press conference for a British political party — but that is the true face of Nick Griffin and his BNP.” – Dominic Kennedy

Kennedy was assaulted as London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook took exception to an article by one of the reporter’s Times colleagues. The item in question quotes Barking MP Margaret Hodge, the target of an election challenge by Nick Griffin, as saying: “I am really fearful that if they get a hold here, Barking would become a no-go area for the rest of Britain. They bring division and violence.”

Way to prove her wrong, eh Nick?

UPDATE 14:41 Just found this video showing the incident:

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