Peter Mandelson might be able to run the country via Blackberry from Corfu but his technique for applying sun cream leaves a lot to be desired on the basis of his red face/white eyes appearance on News at Noon:

The Torygraph even has a delightful run down of his snappy ‘returning from holiday’ ensemble:

Accompanied by the interior designer Nicky Haslam, a fellow guest of the Rothschilds for the week, he cut a distinctive figure as he arrived at the easyJet check-in desk at Corfu Airport, dressed in a Panama hat, chinos and blue suede loafers with socks.

Alan Partridge eat your heart out!

 UPDATE: Scrapbook has just located exclusive footage of Peter Mandelson’s holiday wardrobe, as modelled by Alan Partridge:

It’s the look that says: “I’m in control of the country”!

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