Mandy returns (but don't step on his blue suede loafers)

Peter Mandelson might be able to run the country via Blackberry from Corfu but his technique for applying sun cream leaves a lot to be desired on the basis of his red face/white eyes appearance on News at Noon:

The Torygraph even has a delightful run down of his snappy ‘returning from holiday’ ensemble:

Accompanied by the interior designer Nicky Haslam, a fellow guest of the Rothschilds for the week, he cut a distinctive figure as he arrived at the easyJet check-in desk at Corfu Airport, dressed in a Panama hat, chinos and blue suede loafers with socks.

Alan Partridge eat your heart out!

 UPDATE: Scrapbook has just located exclusive footage of Peter Mandelson’s holiday wardrobe, as modelled by Alan Partridge:

It’s the look that says: “I’m in control of the country”!

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