Louise Mensch: Jewish father of political Zionism is ant-semitic

Scrapbook is confident Theodor Herzl didn’t have a Twitter account. If he had, however, he would definitely get blocked by Louise Mensch:

Absolutely classic Mensch.

In full: the criticism deleted from Lynton Crosby’s Wikipedia page

Lynton Crosby Wikipedia

With Channel 4 News revealing that staff of controversial spin doctor Lynton Crosby had deleted criticism from his Wikipedia page, it’s worth having a look at exactly what:

On 9 December 2012 references to Crosby’s dog-whistling tactics were removed:

In the 2005 British general election, in what Robert E. Goodin calls “the classic case” of dog-whistling, Crosby commissioned the creation of a campaign for the UK Conservatives with the slogan “Are you thinking what we’re thinking?”: a series of posters, billboards, TV commercials and direct mail pieces with messages like “It’s not racist to impose limits on immigration” and “how would you feel if a bloke on early release attacked your daughter?” focused on hot-button issues like dirty hospitals, landgrabs by “gypsies” and restraints on police behaviour.

On 15 July 2013 the following was deleted from Lynton Crosby’s page with the edit description reading “An untrue, unsubstantiated statement”:

During the 2001 Australian federal elections, Howard government ministers falsely claimed that seafaring asylum seekers had thrown children overboard in a presumed ploy to secure rescue and passage to Australia, and Howard, in the final days of the campaign, launched a slogan that later grew notorious: “We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come”.

On the same day, the following was also deleted, with the edit description reading: “Unsubstantiated reports. Inaccurate and misleading information”.

In July 2013, following the government’s rejection of a plan to remove branding from cigarette packets, British prime minister David Cameron was urged by Liberal Democrat members of the governing Coalition to sack Crosby as his chief election strategist because of Crosby’s connection to the tobacco industry. Liberal Democrat MP Paul Burstow was quoted as saying: “Lynton Crosby cannot remain at the heart of government while he is also serving the interests of the tobacco industry. If he does not go the prime minister should sack him.”

References to Crosby’s work — under the radar — for the New Zealand PM were removed at the same time:

According to investigative journalist Nicky Hager, Crosby is also an adviser to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key.

The following section on Crosby’s alleged tactics was persistently the subject of ‘edit warring’ between Crosby-linked accounts and established Wikipedia editors:

Crosby is described as favouring what is called a wedge strategy, whereby the party he advises introduces a divisive or controversial social issue into a campaign, aligning its own stance with the dissenting faction of its opponent party, with the goal of causing vitriolic debate inside the opposing party, defection of its supporters, and the legitimising of sentiment which had previously been considered inappropriate. This is also described as “below the radar” campaigning, with the targeting of marginal constituencies with highly localised campaigning, latching on to local issues and personalities. To find such issues, Crosby’s business partner Mark Textor runs focus groups to find which groups to target with what questions.  Crosby is said to run a tight ship, focus on simple messages, target marginal constituencies and use lots of polls.

Hilariously, the operators of the rogue accounts even had the temerity to lecture other editors:

“How can it be considered balanced to repeatedly select information to insert into a post for purpose of painting a negative picture of an individual. Wikipedia is supposed to be a community based portal of information not a forum for smear campaigning. Selecting sources to fit a personal opinion is not encyclopaedic content, its bias and it has no place on Wikipedia. Either balance your views for the integrity of this digital encyclopaedia or remove them. Forcing your opinion on the wider community further damages the reputation and purpose behind Wikipedia.”

Did someone say ‘damaged reputation’?

44 teenage girls and 1 teenage boy: it’s Sexy A-levels (2014 edition)

With A-level grades dropping for the first time in over 30 years, the mainstream media seem to have missed an even bigger story: the almost complete absence of male entrants for the qualifications.

The creators of the (now retired) Sexy A-Levels Tumblr have previously set out the magic formula for picture agencies and newspaper picture desks:

“The Platonic ideal being the following elements, in this order: 1) Blonde 2) Twins 3) Going to Oxbridge 4) Leaping for joy 5) Holding aloft their results 6) In low-cut tops).”

First up, The Express. Number of teenage girls: 6 / number of teenage boys 0 (and Rolf)

Sexy A-levels: Express

The Sun: 3 teenage girls, 0 teenage boys.

Sexy A-levels 2014: The Sun (updated)

The Times: 2 teenage girls, plus 3 on the next image panel (5 total), 0 teenage boys.

Sexy A-levels 2014: The Times

The Mirror: teenage girls: 2, teenage boys: 0 (we’re not counting the blurry)

Sexy A-levels 2014: The Mirror

The Telegraph: number of teenage girls 3, number of teenage boys 0

Sexy A-levels 2014: The Telegraph

The Guardian is a tricky one. They’ve with teenage girls — but might salvage some of their right-on credentials for going with Muslims, one wearing a hijab. Teenage girls 3, teenage boys 0.

Sexy A-levels 2014: Guardian

Wow. The Mail HAS A BOY — outweighed by 16 girls.

Sexy A-levels 2014: The Mail

The Independent: 6 teenage girls, 0 teengage boys — plus bonus blonde points.

Sexy A-levels 2014: Independent

The final score: girls 44, boys 1.

Tory in row over ‘behead Miliband, overdose for Thornberry’ comments

  • Tory councillor ‘liked’ Facebook status calling hoping for “very long and painful” beheading of Ed Miliband
  • Responded “LOL … utter scum” to suggestion Emily Thornberry MP “deserved a lethal dose of heroin”

Cllr Neil Cohen on Ed Miliband and Emily Thornberry

A Tory councillor from Essex has refused to quit after appearing to endorse violence against public figures who have criticised Israel over the Gaza conflict. Cllr Neil Cohen of Buckhurst Hill Council ‘liked’ the following remark from a friend

“I hope that when the jihadist vermin take over and start the slaughter, [Ed Miliband's] beheading is a very long and painful one you utter, utter, utter C***.”

… before responding:

“Npw [sic] u know why im a conservative councilor. …lol”

When another contributor then dropped the C-bomb on “junkie” Russell brand, adding of Labour front bencher Emily Thornberry …

“if there was ever a person who deserved a lethal dose of heroin”

… Cohen responded:

“Lol…brand n that labour mp…utter scum”

His excuse?

He says it was “supposed to be a private conversation”.

UKIP: Commemorate anniversary of last hanging (by bringing it back)

UKIP 50th anniversary of hanging

From a UKIP press release:

“The death penalty should be re-introduced for some offenders, says one of UKIPs newest Euro-MPs, on the 50th anniversary of Britain’s last execution.”

Challenged over potential miscarriages of justice, Louise Bours MEP — who for some reason changed her name from the foreign-sounding ‘Van de Bours’ during her rise through the UKIP ranks – ranted on Granada News that hanging should be re-introduced for murderers “whose guilt is not in dispute”:

“We can reel the names off: Whiting, Bellfield, errr … eh … errr … the two people who murdered Lee Rigby so horribly.”

Bours claimed that “There has been no debate about capital punishment for a decade” and that “We should now debate this in parliament”. No debate … apart from the time Guido Fawkes’ hanging e-petition received widespread coverage in the national press.

It would likely have resulted in a Commons debate — had it not been struck off after it failed to garner the required number of signatures.

“Terrified” transgender woman hounded by unnamed newspapers

Lo and behold, it turns out that transgender former boxing promoter Kellie Maloney was threatened with exposure by an unnamed newspaper in February. After getting the lawyers in, another paper started doorstepping her whole family:

“Six weeks ago another newspaper turned up at my house, and then they turned up at my daughter’s house, they turned up at all members of my family’s house.

Telling friends and her legal team that she was “terrified” of ridicule by the media, she was urged to tell her story to a friendly outlet — namely the Sunday Mirror. 

“I’d only do this as long as I’ve got control because previously transgender people have been ridiculed in the press and I didn’t want that to happen to me and I didn’t want that to happen to others.

Ridicule in the press, eh? Like, errr, being compared to a pantomime dame by The Sun?

Here is the paper’s axed first edition splash — as highlighted by Scrapbook on Monday — alongside later version.

The Sun front page swap on Kellie Maloney

Godfrey Bloom finance firm ‘gave dodgy advice to pensioner’

Godfrey Bloom with UKIP conference programme

A firm of financial advisers owned by controversial former UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom has been slammed with yet another censure from regulatorsjust weeks after it was landed with a £2.1 million redress bill for bad advice to clients.

TBO Investments, in which Bloom owns a controlling stake, advised a pensioner to put £50,000 in risky mining funds and overseas equities. The recent multi-million redress bill also related to reckless advice given to a couple wanting support in their retirement.

The Financial Ombudsman said of recommendations given to a ‘Mrs Q’:

“Given Mrs Q’s circumstances I am not persuaded that TBO’s assessment of her attitude to risk was likely to have reasonably reflected the level she would have wished to take with her money.

“The reliance upon equities of the initial recommendation left Mrs Q’s capital at risk of considerable volatility… I am not persuaded that the recommendations made by TBO were consistent with her likely attitude to risk, not with her needs and circumstances at the time.

Did we mention Godders was UKIP’s economics spokesman?


BNP councillor on racially aggravated public order charge

The BNP doesn’t have many councillors left after its mid-noughties surge but those that have managed to cling on – usually on parish and town councils – are a charming bunch. Foremost among them is Dawn Charlton, a town councillor in Cumbria who looks to have been sent straight from central casting.

Dawn Charlton BNP

Cllr Charlton has been the star of several fundraising emails for the cash-strapped party after she was charged with racially aggravated harassment over leaflets which the prosecution alleged likened Polish leaflet deliverers to “monkeys”. The case was dropped by the Crown last November.

A post on the BNP website and email to supporters reveals that Charlton has once again been charged by Cumbria Constabulary:

“the DAY BEFORE the European Elections [Labour Party councillors and activists] took the decision that a month earlier they had suffered “alarm or distress” by words said to them – four men – by Dawn all by herself.

“So ‘distressed’ that it took the four of them a whole month to recover and make a complaint on a day that just happened to be the eve before elections!

Not only have the Crown Prosecution Service have told Scrapbook that the alleged offence took place on 4 May, some 17 days (not a month) before the BNP suggest the complaint was made, but the selective write-up is also conveniently vague about the precise nature of the charge.

Nothing to do with it being ‘racially aggravated’, then.

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