Mike Hancock in drugs debate

Having secured just 716 votes as a Lib Dem spoiler candidate in Portsmouth South, former MP Mike Hancock is reportedly off on a jolly round Europe — safe in the knowledge that despite losing his deposit, the mere fact of his kamikaze candidacy guarantees him a £33,000 taxpayer-funded resettlement grant.

His plans for his retirement may well raise eyebrows:

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Guido Fawkes have attempted to link Chuka Umunna’s withdrawal from the Labour leadership contest to a Scrapbook post from Wednesday — in which we slammed a conservative blog for complaining that the shadow business secretary isn’t married.

“While Chuka is blaming the evil press for being mean, he might want to have a look at what the lefties have been up to. Namely their pushing of rumours about his sexuality…

“In criticising a ‘dog whistle attack’ they made sure it was seen by many, many more people…

Did someone say dog whistle?

Chuka Umunna coverage on Guido Fawkes

If campy photoshops and knowing references to a “mystery girlfriend”are too subtle for you, then Guido’s story about the provenance of a Labour business endorsement was headlined “bi-textual”.

This is a cack handed pre-emptive strike by a blog that knows it could be in the firing line over the tone of its previous Chuka coverage.

Little Britain Maggie Blackamoor

If you thought that a Tory majority government ostensibly being led by a moderniser might dull the instincts of social conservatives then think again. Conservative Woman founder and co-editor Laura Perrins has dedicated an entire post to her assertion that Labour leadership candidate Chuka Umunna not being married, errrr, “sets off alarm bells”.

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