Chaotic scenes as Miliband harangued by ‘Yes’ campaigners

Elements of the #IndyRef Yes campaign seem to be operating some form of blitzkrieg against visiting English politicians.

With Ed Miliband supposed to be doing a walkabout/stump speech in an Edinburgh shopping centreLabourList editor Mark Ferguson describes the moment when “all hell broke loose”:

“Despite having been arranged at short notice, there were Yes campaigners there shouting loudly. Whilst the Yes campaign may write this kind of thing off as a few rogue campaigners, this could only have been organised – considering the number of people there and how quickly they’d congregated.

It then became apparent that Miliband would be speaking inside:

“Yes supporters started shouting and running inside, followed by No supporters. Pushing and shoving commenced. I saw an old lady knocked to one side and a mother yell as her pushchair was almost toppled.

The video also offers us a peek behind the curtain, with staffers discussing how to rescue the situation:

“Why don’t you bring some people in?”
“I can’t because you’re in the middle of the f**cking shot, aren’t you!”

Lib Dems: councils ‘punished residents’ on purpose with Bed Tax

Nick Clegg Bedroom Tax

You’ll need to brace yourself for the latest Lib Dem wheeze as they attempt to back away from the Bedroom Tax in time for May 2015. Are you ready?

In a page posted to their national party website earlier, Labour councils are accused of deliberately botching the implementation of the Bedroom Tax in order to make them look bad!

“many Labour councils chose to punish their residents to score political points”

So there was no problem with the policy, but opposition councillors conspired to screw over the disabled and other vulnerable people in their own boroughs, just to get one over on Nick Clegg.


Police commissioner linked to Rotherham scandal resigns (finally)

Bye! Shaun Wright

Shaun Wright, the police and crime commissioner linked to a child abuse scandal through his previous role as executive member for children services on Rotherham Council, has finally resigned.

The final straw looks to have been a vote of no confidence passed by his regional police and crime panel last week, along with an endorsement of proposals for a law change to boot him out.

Wright was heckled from the public gallery throughout the meeting — and forced to take questions from victims of abuse and their families in emotional scenes:

It only took him three weeks to get the message.

MORE: Read resignation statement in full »

Bedroom Tax: forced move ‘hastened death’ of disabled cancer patient

Empty hospital bed

The death of a disabled cancer patient was hastened after the Bedroom Tax forced her to move, her family have claimed. 52 year-old Janet Mandeville, who died last month, could not afford the extra £12 per week needed to stay in her two-bedroom bungalow.

Her daughter told the West Briton the hated policy left Mrs Mandeville without access to her support network — which had been vital for managing her conditions:

“When she moved, all the people who were around her weren’t there any more. She was on her own.

“It was too much for her; she couldn’t handle it.

Mrs Mandeville received some Discretionary Housing Payments — but only until she was moved to a smaller property. Interviewed by the same paper while she was still alive, Mrs Mandeville, who also suffered from depression and anxiety, said:

“I became so distressed trying to think of ways I could stay in my two-bed bungalow, I actually had a seizure in February and was taken to hospital for tests.

All MPs knew of such cases — but the tax enjoyed Commons support until a vote less than two weeks ago.

SEE ALSO: Lib Dem weasels pretending they were against the Bedroom Tax

Why is Alex Salmond feeding an ice lolly to this young woman?

Whatever the result of Thursday’s referendum, Alex Salmond will continue to rule the political roost in Scotland. But is could have been so different.

This was apparently his idea of campaigning back in 1999:

A sometimes newspaper staffer investigates …

The caption:

“SNP leader Alex Salmond uses all his political prowess, and an ice lolly, to influence a voter on Stirling University campus”

You have now reached your recommended daily allowance of weird.

Boris shirks constituency move … but may still have home in old seat

Boris Johnson parachuting in

As if there was ever any doubt, Guido (£) has established that Boris Johnson is rather more keen on getting into the Commons via Uxbridge and South Ruislip than he is on actually living there:

Asked by Guido after the meeting whether he would be buying a house in the seat or even moving from his London home in Islington, BoJo said he “wasn’t against the idea” but that it wouldn’t be “happening immediately”.

But despite this snub to his adoptive Conservative Association — not to mention local voters — the London mayor may still own a property in his former Westminster seat. The BBC reported back in March:

While the London Mayor has thrived in the smoke of the capital he also enjoyed the charm of the countryside in his former constituency of Henley-on-Thames which he represented from 2001 to 2008.

He kept his country home there even after standing down.

Do any readers know whether Bozza still maintains an Oxfordshire pile?

Tommy Robinson deletes his 9/11 themed workout plan from Twitter

Tommy Robinson's 9/11 workout plan

It would have to be Tommy Robinson. Only the ex-EDL knuckle-dragger could be such a goon as to tweet a ‘work out of the day’ based on the numerology of the September 11 attacks:

  • “23 press ups — for the 23 people who survived in or below the tower”
  • “60 second plank — for the American Flight 77 which crashed into the Pentagon”
  • “110m row — [for the number of] floors on south tower”

Etc …

Tommy Robinson's 9/11 workout

This was an excellent spot from Harry Harris over at Sabotage Times – especially given that Robinson appears to have had a moment of goonish clarity, deleting it almost straight away. Multiple reactions to his original message are still visible, though:

Scrapbook has one more for Tommy’s crossfit, though:

45 press ups — for the 45% of online Islamophobic incidents with “clear verbal/slogan-based link to the online far right movement”.

Hypocrite Priti Patel boosts her own expense claims by £20,000

Priti Patel

There’s no love lost between deficit hawk rent-a-gob Priti Patel MP and parliamentary bean counters IPSA. Her attacks include the accusation of squandering cash in this question to Nick Clegg, which she even posted to her website under the headline “MP QUESTIONS RISING COST OF IPSA”:

“what action will he take to ensure that IPSA stops spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ pounds on its own public relations and its ever-expanding bureaucracy?”

Perhaps IPSA is expanding its bureaucracy to deal with Priti Patel’s expanding expense claims. The Witham MP submitted receipts for £152,470.84 in financial year 2013/14, an increase of £19,600the biggest of any parliamentarian in her area.

Thank goodness Patel has an organisation to, errrr, shift the blame to …

“IPSA oversees and manages the system of MPs’ expenses. All my claims have been made in accordance with the rules and support my Parliamentary and constituency activities.”

It was within the rules’. Where have we heard that before?

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